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Equipment Legs & Accessories
Durable, high quality cost-effective legs, foot inserts, mounting plates and leg sockets

Accessories »

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Accessories for Equipment Legs

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Appliance Legs »

Appliance Legs image

Aluminum Appliance Legs

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Custom Stainless Steel Leg Assemblies »

Custom Stainless Steel Leg Assemblies image

Stainless Steel Leg Assemblies for Custom Applications

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Custom Stainless Steel H-Frame Assemblies »

Custom Stainless Steel H-Frame Assemblies image

Custom Stainless Steel H-Frame Assemblies, 16 Gauge Stainless Steel

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Equipment Legs, ABS Plastic »

Equipment Legs, ABS Plastic image

Legs for ice makers, reach-in refrigerators, and other commercial equipment

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Equipment Legs, Security/Seismic Heavy-Duty »

Equipment Legs, Security/Seismic Heavy-Duty image

Security/Seismic Equipment Legs are specifically designed for Marine, Correctional and Institutional applications that require secured, floor-fastened adjustable legs on equipment that may be subjected to sudden movement or shifting.

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Equipment Legs, Stainless Steel »

Equipment Legs, Stainless Steel image

Heavy duty stainless steel equipment legs

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Equipment Legs, Zinc Die Cast »

Equipment Legs, Zinc Die Cast image

Economy equipment legs in die cast zamak

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Foot Inserts »

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  • Adjustable, for round tubing
  • Conventional round and hex adjustable
  • Available in natural finish zamak, nickel plated zamak, thermoplastic, gray or black, and stainless steel clad
  • Adjustable to level equipment on job site
  • Most toes supplied with wrench flats for easy adjustment

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Leg Assemblies, Stainless Steel »

Leg Assemblies, Stainless Steel image

Economical stainless steel leg assemblies eliminate cutting,deburring, polishing and waste

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Shelf Supports, Tubular Stainless Steel »

Shelf Supports, Tubular Stainless Steel image

  • For 1-5/8" (41mm) OD tubing
  • Long and short length models available
  • Furnished with locking set screws
  • Can be used as adjustable pot rack band support

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Stainless Steel Leg Sockets »

Stainless Steel Leg Sockets image

  • For 1-1/2" & 1-5/8" OD leg assemblies
  • Constructed of 16 ga (1.5mm) stainless steel tubing
  • Provided with locking set screw to assure secure assembly
  • Models available with plain or flared top for weld on applications or welded stainless steel mounting plates
  • Permits KD shipping

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Zinc Plated Leg Sockets »

Zinc Plated Leg Sockets image

  • Straight or flared models available
  • Locking set screw provided for secure assembly
  • Permits KD shipping

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