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Electronic Hinge Features

Achieve Energy Star Rating
Low voltage = less power consumption

Revolutionary switch design addresses key issues for the OEM

  • Doors can be pre-assembled and staged at end of production line
  • Allows electrical components to be installed in door without hardwiring
  • Pivoting contact switch eliminates wire fatigue from continual twisting
  • Electrical power can be pre-wired to hinge housing on cabinet

Revolutionary switch design addresses key issues for the End-User

  • Electrical components, such as LED lights, digital thermometers, and heater wires, can now be pre-installed in door by OEM
  • Improves glass visibility because it allows for an electric heater wire to be placed in the door to reduce condensation on glass
  • Easy door removal without tools or need for electrician when service is required
  • Low voltage is safe and energy efficient

Three models for differing applications, but one unified look

Standard Hinge
same overall appearance, lower cost
Plunger Switch Hinge
for operating one electrical appliance within the refrigerator itself (light/fan)
Contact Switch Hinge
for operating up to two electrical accessories mounted in the door (LED lights, thermometer, heater wire)

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